Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fern, {Right Now}

I mentioned that Fern was allowed to come to The Women's Retreat this weekend.  She was a complete angel and it was nice to have time to devote to just her.  I felt like I learned her a little more, bonded with her, and fell deeper in love with her.  She's evolving every day and it's so fun to watch.  Big changes for a little thing.  Right now she is...

...transitioning from newborn to infant
...looking around, taking everything in
...loving being talked to
...trying hard to talk back
...beaming with surprise, excitement, and pride with she makes a noise
...being loved on by her big brother Burl
...watching every thing he does
...getting pretty close to sleeping through the night
...developing her sense of style
...anticipating warmer weather when dresses and bare legs become her wardrobe 
{really, she told me that}
...falling into a daily routine
...teaching us what she needs and what she wants
...and doing just great!

What a joy!!!


  1. She looks like she might be a red head! Or is that just the light in the pics? I so envy red heads! Either way, she's adorable!

  2. such a beautiful family! fern is at such a sweet stage, so bright-eyed!

    1. i enjoyed these pictures SO much that i showed them to my kids! maybe you heard them squealing at fern's sweetness all the way from canada? ;) they were really hoping your family went to our church!

    2. I heard the sounded like it came from the North. ;) Thanks for the love. We are eating her up with a spoon!


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