Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home Goals, Twenty-Twelve

Setting goals for my home.
I'm going to do it.
It almost sounds too superficial to really care about.

When I read the Nester's questions to think about for our homes, it got me thinking.
I started to think about all the 10289389 things that I would like to see done around my house.
They're not big things...nothing fancy like "change my sitting room from safari themed to something more Victorian."  That's just not me.  Instead, I started to consider my stage in life and what I have time for, where my focus should be, and what is really important to me.

First, I want to focus on organization.  I consider myself pretty organized, I categorize my books and magazines by color, so yes, I like things crisp.  That's the word I'm going with.  However, when things start to slip, they fall fast.  Fallen they have.  I want to get things stream lined around here.

To all my never used stuff, rarely used stuff, and sometimes used stuff, your days are numbered.  You have to make a good case if you want to stick around here.

For example,  this is my tray of paper and folder stuff that I use.  It's currently holding a dish that does not belong to me, which is holding my grandmother's spoon collection that I almost got rid of but I'm not ready to let go of.  So, I'm going to do what I can to return the pan and I'm going to re-store my grandmother's spoons.  They meant a lot to her, so for now, they mean a lot to me.

Second, I want to focus on painting.  I'm not going to change the colors.  Instead, I hope to touch up some places that have been used and abused.  Our house works hard and there are several people who come through here, and she's starting to show signs of {what I'm going to call} love.

To my baseboards,
Burl's unofficial wall writing spot
the grease circle above Burl's timeout chair
the dirt marks leading down to the basement
the random spots, streaks, and marks in the hallways, 
you're looking rough.  Time to touch up your makeup, sweeties.

Third, I want to change up my picture displays.  I take 500-1,000 pictures every month.  Some of them are really great and capture really great moments and it's time to put them on display.

Changing a picture in a frame is hard for me. It's almost like I'm taking that memory out of my mind, and I feel guilty about that. However, I can't let guilt win this one.  New pictures and new memories {for that matter} are good and natural and I'm ready for the change.

Also, I want bigger pictures.  See you later, 4x6's and maybe even 5x7's.  The picture below is of my hallway.  I copied the shelf setup from a Pottery Barn catalog and at first I thought it was wonderful.  But, now I think it looks cluttery and wimpy.  That wall is seen by almost everyone who comes by our house and they always stop and look at the pictures.   I think it's time I give them some grander to look at.  

Fourth, I want to approach cleaning and projects with a list.  So many times I get overwhelmed at all the things that I want to do.  When I put them on a list, I can prioritize, set a mental schedule, and cross things off one-by-one.  Making a list is great for me.  Once it's written down, I don't feel the burden as much.  I see it on the list, I know it's there, and I know that I'll get to it.

, I want to take it all with a grain of salt.  We have two babies now.  Two wonderful, easy, laid back babies who seem to love each other {as much as babies love}.  I couldn't imagine any better babies.  However, they are babies.  They are two babies and they need us.  They need us to provide a safe, stable, consistent home for them.  They do not need us to keep a perfectly clean house that shows no signs of life.  My goal, more than pictures or painting or organization, is to find the balance between the two and to live freely within that balance.

That's where I want everything in my life to lead to...balance.  Balance, you just feel great!


  1. Love this idea! BTW, have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thing on the crayon? It works. Also, about once every 3 months, when I'm having a long phone chat, I just walk around with a little jar of 'touch up paint' that I keep in the basement and I touch up all the marks and dings and signs of 'love' on the walls. Maybe this would work for you?

  2. First, Carol-Anne that's a GREAT idea in dealing with the touch-ups!

    ...and I completely understand your feelings, Meg, regarding your photos. It's really hard for me, too. I feel disloyal switching them out, ha! Sometimes I'll kind've alternate new with older, switching around on a seasonal basis - that helps :) p.s. I love your blog, so glad I dropped by!

  3. Do you have a pinterest? Your hallway looks almost EXACTLY like mine (ok, to be honest, my walls have nearly identical crayon marks as well) and I think an update is needed... just wondering if you have any inspiration you'd be willing to share... my username is biteofpunkinpie

    Good luck with your goals!

  4. I love your perspective and attitude! I second the Magic Eraser...I have no idea what people used for crayons before those things!

  5. The crayon wall makes me think of when my kids were little. They are not so little now (24,19,15,and 12). My 19 year old did that to our bathroom because she wanted it to be pink. Much luck with all your goals.

  6. I stopped by from Nester's party. To help with #4 (because that was something on my extended list), I started using Toodledo. I've only used it a few weeks but so far, I really like it. Check boxes? Yes, please! It was a bit confusing for the first few minutes but maybe that was the little darling wanting a book read. I think you can even print out lists if you like it in physical form. It just is less maintenance than writing things each day/week/month.

  7. Hi found you at the nester's-good luck with your goals too! Stop on by to visit!!

  8. Great goals, specifically the 5th one is very important. Love your photos. Something to consider...how about a shadow box with the spoons arranged in a circle or heart pattern? It would be way cute in the kitchen or dining area. Don't you love it when you can come up with a great idea for someone else but then struggle to come up with something for your self? Sigh...that's why I love blogs...another reason. :) Great to meet you via Nesting Place. Have a super day!

  9. You have some great goals lined up, I love the look of bigger pictures too! A few blog friends and I introduced a new challenge idea Monday and it would be so fun if you want to join. If you have a second, check in at http://thespacebetweenblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/imagine-the-impossibilities-challenge/ to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  10. Great goals. I love the idea of creating goals...it's like making a grocery list. I found you over at The Nester. Hope you will stop by and say hi.

  11. I love your photos!!! And the woodwork in your home is gorgeous!!

    I like bigger pictures too...reading that goal of your has me thinking...

  12. Love your picture updating ideas - I, too, am trying to change out my smaller pics for larger, more intentional looking photos. For some reason, I find this incredibly taxing, but I WILL get 'er done! Good luck to you with your ambitious projects!

  13. Your list sounds like my life and our ideas for our home right now too. We have big plans, but it's the little things that I see everyday that need some tlc. :) We have a 7 month old, so everything takes a little bit longer!

  14. You've got some great goals and I love how organized in your thinking that you are! Sounds like you have a great plan of attack.