Thursday, January 5, 2012

Smiles and Siblings

Oh, she's smiling alright.  Especially when we talk to her.

I'm trying hard to capture it, via camera.  No such luck yet.  I'll get something close, but not the full out eyes-are-smiling too smile.  For now, I just put her on the floor, do things to make her smile, get her smiling and cooing, throw the camera up, and as fast as she smiled, she loses it.

Then, Burl runs up and I lay him down beside her.  He just thinks it's all fun and games.  Silliness.  He's happy.  He's with his baby sister.  So happy!

He truly adores her.  John and I were talking about it and he's never done anything mean to her.  No signs of jealousy.  No ill intentions.  And we're so glad that's how things are going right now.

And this is the part where I think of a story and I get all hyper:  Burl has a little friend, James, who comes over sometimes.  {His mom and I take turns running while the other stays with the kids.  It's our winter plan for summer swimsuit season-these legs won't tone themselves!}  Anyways...James loves Fern as much as Burl does, which is great because James is going to be a big brother too.  James will go over and get in Fern's face and say "baby, baby" while looking at her feet and hands.  

That's when Burl comes over, all big brother-like and stakes his claim.  He gets in there with James and coos over her.  Then, Burl takes it a step further.  He starts the big brother stuff:  he gives her a hug, which is more like a flop-on-top-of-her-when-she's-in-the-bouncy-seat thing.  {It's kind of like a pile-on with a lot of love.  Close supervision required.}  He tries to pick her up, he tries to get me to let him hold her.  And it's kind of like when one boy plays with a toy, the other one wants it kind of thing. 

But it's better.  Because this toy is his sister.  Fern is his.  And I don't mind him claiming it.  

And, I can't wait to tell Fern about this when she is older.  "Burl and his friend just adored you and couldn't leave you alone..."  Well, actually, it's pretty short lived.  The whole thing takes about 60 seconds, but it's the cutest 60 seconds of that play-date.  Well, next to them dancing.

Ok, back to the pictures...

That picture above-see what the camera is focused on?  Down at the bottom of the picture.  Those hands.  Those two holding hands.  I think I'm going to get used to this sibling thing.  

A little outside playtime, and I'm doing it again.  I'm laying her down.  Trying to get her to smile, and Burl comes over and joins in the fun.

To be completely honest, that phrase "warm my heart" comes to mind.  It's cheesy, but spot-on for how I feel about these siblings.  Siblings, I am getting used to this.  It's

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  1. What a precious family! Brings to mind Hebrews 13:1 "Let brotherly love continue."


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