Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn Baby Shower

Over the weekend, friends and I threw a shower that was inspired by the guest of honor. My friend's, Mandy, birthday falls in October, so she is always excited about all things fall. When one of the hostesses found an autumn baby shower, we new that was a great theme. Cream pumpkins, orange-y pinks or pink-y oranges, and lots of candlelight. The shower was at 6pm on a screened in porch where we served dinner. We can call this look, The Outdoors, Glamorized.

Prayer cards, each guest left with a week to pray for Mandy and her family after birth. 

Root beer, the mother-to-be's favorite drink these days.

The party transitioned into the evening, taking us from sunshine to sunset to nighttime.
I love the parties that do that. This shower was a lot of fun and my friends did a great job at pulling off a good look.  (They focused on decorations, while I did a lot of the cooking.) More than all of that, I can't wait for Mandy and Nigel to become parents because they are going to be awesome!


  1. I am totally into white/cream pumpkins this year! So pretty.