Monday, October 7, 2013

Pop's Farm: 2013

Yesterday we gave my dad the same present we have for the past four years:
we went to his farm for the day. 

Here are two lists from yesterday:

Things we did: grilled hot dogs, road the 4-wheeler, collected eggs, drove the tractor, fed the cows, fed the pig, fed the chickens, dug worms, fished, sat on the porch while it rained

Animals we saw: cows (and baby calf), pig, dogs, chickens (and baby chick), worms, bullfrog, lizard, "that orange thing" (centipede or something), fish, and a huge turtle. 

Here's our day in pictures:

As always, Burl was very comfortable around the animals. Fern, however, has always been a little timid. This time was different. She followed after her brother with confidence in the chicken coop, and she was brave with my dad's (blind) dog, even yelling "No Taz!" if she felt uncomfortable. 

Fern was very attached to Daniel this trip. She always wanted him to hold her, which is funny because she was scared of him this past Christmas. 

Burl's favorite part, as he will tell you, was riding the 4-wheeler. He road it so much that when he finally got off, he walked funny and said, "my legs feel weird." Ride 'em, cowboy.

This was the first time I bated my own hook. In my life! I thought it would be better to act brave and confident in front of my kids instead of grossed out (even though that's how I felt). 


John caught the first and largest fish. 

The forecast of rain originally cancelled our day at the farm, but when we saw that it was barely overcast we all decided to go last minute. I'm so glad that we made it work. I had an absolute good time. Our kids were happy, I saw both my brothers (it's been a while), and the day was so easy.
Thanks, Pops, your birthday present is always fun.

Previous years: 2010 / 2011 / 2012

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