Thursday, October 24, 2013

Six & 1/2 Thoughts

We have plenty of outdoor adventures coming and going through our schedules, not as activities that clutter the calendar. Instead, I'm noticing that the outside is inviting us, well, out. I have been organizing little trips, but I'm trying to fight the organization and let our lives gravitate towards the things we love doing. Here are six things that my mind is slowly drifting to today:

1. I'm still "vibing" off our camping trip. Seriously, that trip was extremely relaxing and amazing for us. I can't believe that a one night camping trip has such lasting effects. Outside + hanging with John = it's put me in a very slow pace that I am enjoying.

2. Saturday we had a last minute, unplanned family yard day. We were clearing our brush, loading it on the street, picking up broken yard toys, and chopping wood. We each got dirty and I got some poison ivy, but it was fun to be in our yard as a family. I've been doing yard work since I was a teenager, and it never fails to disappoint. The combination of being outside and accomplishing a task is hard to beat, and joining with my family of four in the backyard is what my dreams were made of as a child. 

3. Before the camping trip, I was terrified of being too cold. John talked to me and my basic problem is that I don't wear enough layers. I just ordered some extra tall tees to layer, and I'm excited to have long sleeves that actually reach to my wrists. Check out Old Navy and Gap for lots of clothes available in tall. I just got this shirt for $10 on clearance. Holla:

4. I'm trying not to be afraid of the cold because see #3, but there has been several rumors that we're going to have a "hard winter" which terrifies the humidity-loving southern gal inside of me.

5. I made this little movie on my iPhone from our camping trip and I must have watched it 50 times. We made some solid memories cooking on the campfire (that John tended to so well) hiking around Fall Creek Falls kid-free and I can't.stop.watching. (Click to my homepage to watch it.)

6. I've finally printed some of my pictures for a little decorating thing in my house that should come together soon.  It's taken me a long time to pull the trigger and bring this project to completion. 

ps...I'm loving the ease of a bandanna in my hair. 

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