Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Hardest Part Of Being Outside

There is a breakdown in my outdoors-y loving self and I could use some encouraging words and advice. Here it is: playing in the yard stresses me out. Well, the actual playing doesn't. It's the going back inside that bothers me, because, well, here it is...the mess. I get so frustrated with managing all the mess and dirt and grime that we track into the house. I've definitely said things like, "Go straight to the bathroom, wash your hands, and do NOT touch ANYTHING." For the most part, both kids take their shoes off at the door (if they're wearing any-ya know, barefoot days around here). I've got them trained how to walk in the house messy, and I'm not sure that I should be such a tyrant. 

Going places and getting dirty does not bother me at all. I have a lot more control there, and I usually get them cleaned up before we come back home. However, at home, we will go out for a short time and come back in and I think my blood pressure rises as I get them in the door.  (A part of that is them getting up the stairs without falling. I've seen some bad boo-boo's come from those steps.) Going on a last minute weekend hike feels easy, but playing in our own front yard seems like such a production. 

Any insight, people? Any perspective change? Mama could use some help...


  1. I will let you know that although this is not a struggle for me, my husband grew up with parents who were sooooo uptight about their house. And he has very negative memories about that. I just try to encourage him that it's good for a house to look like life and the mess will fade...and we'll be wishing it back. I know it's harder to relax than to say, though. Pray!

    1. Thanks. That's great perspective, and I appreciate you passing that on gracefully. Good thoughts for sure.