Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shovel Serenity

Today was the perfect day to visit my friend on her farm. She's been posting the dreamiest pictures on Facebook-roaming chickens, a quaint pond, family farming boots, and the cutest brown calf.  I invited myself out there, which turned into a big party where a bunch of moms and children were going to visit. The weather is a bit warmer today, and the colors on the trees are brilliant. Party. Warm weather. Bunch of kids at the farm. What could be more perfect? Except I backed out last night. I needed a day where I didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time. I wanted a morning of relaxed playing with my kids. 

We made it outside about 11 o'clock to play for a bit. Everything was normal: Fern set up her chairs side-by-side, just her style, and Burl got straight to work. 

Here's some advice that I've received from several different moms: kids need a special place in the yard where they can dig a big whole. (Just don't pull a Meg-a mistake and pick the rockiest spot in the yard to the point that the kids need you to do most of the work.)

Within a few minutes, the kids got wild and Burl said he was too hot for a shirt and Fern followed suit. I took it as a sign that staying home was a good idea. 

Burl has big plans for this whole. It's about 4 inches deep, and he's already turning it into a run-and-jump in it game. It's going to blow his mind when we get it "bigger ever."

One day of not being anywhere and I'm relaxed and recharged and basically fixed. And, I got a long stretch of time to play with my kids when they were in charge of the playing, and that is something I'm always wanting to happen but can't always fit in. 

While I kept thinking about the fun that my friends were having, I knew that staying home to dig in the dirt was the best decision that I made this week. 

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  1. It can be tough to make those types of decisions, but I'm glad you did and had such a relaxing fun day being homebodies! :)