Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Columbus Day 2013

We were posted up on the Nina and the Pinta for our Columbus Day. For $8, we explored the top deck of the ships' replicas. It was kind of boring and not really worth the money, in my opinion. (It was interesting to talk to the shipmates. Those people be crazy weird interesting.)

The real fun happened when we walked up the pier and ran around the beautiful riverfront area. Best part: it was totally free! (Our city has really improved in the looks department since I was a teenager. It's beautiful down there!)

The kids laughed the hardest running and tackling each other. They were so cute.
The floating docks were still hooked up from a recent rowing regatta, so I'm mama-gripped my babies and walked to the end. We pulled off our shoes, rolled up our pants, and splashed our feet in the water. It was amazing.

I thought that the lesson here was don't pay money for the attraction when the real attraction is a beautiful river and fields where the kids can run. However, when we got home from this little excursion I asked Burl what his favorite part was and he said, "coming home and getting food." The real lesson here is (I'm always pulling a lesson out...snooze..) bring a snack-better yet, bring a picnic.


  1. I love the month of October. A new post every morning with my coffee.

  2. My kids are always about the food!

  3. ditto tom, except I do diet coke instead :)