Friday, October 4, 2013

The Milking Farm

This morning we visited a milk, egg, and beef farm just a few minutes from Chattanooga. My friend and neighbor Juli (and her family) buy raw milk from the farm, and she's always welcoming if I want to tag along. Our kids loved seeing cows, horses, huge pigs and very, very baby piglets, chickens and roosters, and some wild turkey-things. 

I showed her the small pond and with a huge view that was on the bottom of the property. Last time I was there, I talked to the farmer and he told me about it. It's absolutely breath-taking. Here's some pictures from our fun today:

It was fun to get far away from the city to hear the noises of bugs and animals and not a bunch of cars driving by. The kids and I had a great time. Burl told me he never wanted to leave, and Fern was eager to get close to the animals. (Very different than last visit.) I couldn't get enough of the serenity of the pond and the valley. It was very peaceful. 

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