Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Girls At Glen Falls

Today Fern and I got our hike on instead of grocery shopping. Glen Falls for the win! It felt like I was passing on women-empowerment or something grand like that. I put Fern on a pack on my back and we had a quieter hike than when we went with Burl. I love him dearly and he adds a lot of excitement, but it was sweet and calming to be one-on-one with Fern.

The hike is so simple and I would highly recommend it as a small hike that kids can do. Or, if you need a hit of alone time in the woods, I get that too. (I ran into a friend of mine as I was leaving who was taking his dog for a little stroll.) It's very close to town as well.

Back to Fern: While Burl's at school I always love how Fern is. She has her own time to do her own thing (or let me teach her something), and she's independent of Burl. Most of the time, her play is just a mimic of what he's doing. 

The waterfall had less water in it than before, so we got to play in the small pool at the base. I taught Fern how to throw big sticks in the water and yell "Big Splash." I showed her how to wash out her shoes in the water.  I let her guide the play as much as she wanted. It's like Outdoorsy Montessori or something. Yeah, just like that! 

At one point, I took her to an overlook that was a little difficult to get to, but she was very trusting. She was a little bit scared and needed some encouragement. My mama grip was tight on her and I kept her very close.

My favorite part of the day, aside from enjoying the woods with my daughter, was learning to encourage her. I told her things like, 

You're brave.
You make a good hiking partner.
You're a hard worker. 
You're doing great.
Thanks for trusting me.
I had fun splashing in the water with you.
You did a good job throwing the big sticks in the water.
I hope we can do this again.

She would always repeat them back or say "oh" in her sweet little voice.

Today was my first official outdoor activity of the month and it was simple, quick, and very refreshing. It was so much better than getting groceries. I can't wait for tomorrows adventure to a private, working farm!

If you're interested in going to Glen Falls, here are some great directions to the parking spot. The trail is very simple. To the falls and back, no turns. Here are a few pictures from the trail:


  1. First and third pics...precious. Frame those suckers.

  2. Love the picture of Fern standing by the water bare foot and smiling