Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yard Work & Apologies

This weekend's outdoor activity was yard work. This might be the kids' favorite thing to do outside. Being outside, at their own house, playing in their own space...they are totally content and independent. 

-accomplishing a lot of stuff.
-watching Burl find his own place in the work.
-meeting friendly faces at the dump.
-cutting down trees with John. (He saws, I pull with a rope, it starts to fall, and we run.
Not safe, but very exciting)
-digging a little bit more of Burl's hole with him
-driving with the kids riding shotgun to the front of the house.
-unloading a lot of brush.
-spotting Fern waving eagerly from her window after her nap.
-John telling our neighbor that I was an awesome hauler. (brush, that is).

Low-lights: All the apologies I had to offer. I was a hard-worker, but I wasn't the nicest wife.

We're on our way to a neater yard. We've come a long way since we first moved into our home, and in the name of Progress, we're slowly getting there. Those little babes of ours don't know the difference, they just have fun with us being together.

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