Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pot Fun

Well, I finally did something about it.  I've talked about my love for bringing a little mother nature inside, and I finally got my moneys together and bought some cute plants.  

One shady morning, Burl and I went outside to plant them.  I could have potted them during his nap, but that seemed so mean.  Denying Burl the pleasure of outside time.project time.and playing in the dirt time.  I just couldn't do it to him.  

For whatever reason, I took him out there shirtless.  He had his bottle scrubber.  {Don't think he LOVES cleaning.  Not at all.  It's his version of a stick.  He makes a motor noise and tries to use it as a chainsaw.}  And he had his cart, aka, lawn motor.  He.was.busy.  

And I was busy taking pictures of him.  The shirtless/long john combo was too cute for me.  

We were out there for over an hour.  And he got to play with just about anything he wanted.  {Except for that one time he put a handful of potting mix in his mouth.}  

It's so fun to watch him work and play and play and work.  He is really cute about the whole thing.  I would love to know what's going through his little head...

After a while, my mom came by the house.  She cleaned him while I cleaned the outside.  It was one of those really fun, no schedule, just be kind of days-which is always a nice change of pace.

This picture might be one of my favorites.  He had paused to look around to see what he wanted to play with next.  Also, I hardly ever take pictures from behind, but I still love that little neck and those little shoulders.  I'm glad I got a "record" of them.  And I'm so glad we had that time.

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  1. That one lady was right. You'll treasure these pictures and notes one day...even though you already are! Love it. Gettin' grubby! What we have to look forward to!!


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