Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Party

Don't ya just love a good wedding?  Oh I do!  I went to a fabulous wedding recently and I was in love with what they did.  First off, the reception was on the river at sunset.  

Que perfect setting:

Second thing that I loved about this wedding {I just typed weeding} was the atmosphere.  The bride planned this wedding in 3 months, please keep that in mind.  It was laid back.  Casual, but not void of thoughtful details that kept the guests saying, "oh how cute!!!"

Here's a little taste:

Tree branch-stump-things + mason jars of wild flowers + white tablecloths = perfect setting for an outdoor venue!

Couple pictures + matted and framed wedding invitation + this guest book from Etsy = the best way to great guests to a slammin' wedding reception!

Simple white frosting + fun flowers + on a tree stump + a mini burlap banner = this might have been my favorite wedding cake

When the bride showed her mom a picture of burlap Mr and Mrs pillows that were done by a local boutique, her mom made them for her and I think that's so sweet and so cute!!!

And they make for great wedding props!

For a while, I followed the photographer around and took some cool shots that she took.  She was going one point, she looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh!!!  This light is awesome!!!"  We had a moment.  I can't wait to see what she did.  

The next is a picture from later in the evening.  She took some leftover sparklers and had four girls make the letters for "LOVE"  I somewhat caught it, but I'm sure her's will be incredible!

Once I got a few pictures of the decorations, I started taking pictures of my friends.  Not all of them...

{sorry Keri and Brett-I'll be sure and get lots of pictures of your wedding.  Most of them will be of the food...I've already started dreaming about lobster mac & cheese and fried green tomatoes.}

The lighting and setting and atmosphere were perfect.  All my friends looked so cute, so I got a little camera happy.  When I asked "want me to take your picture?" people were pretty pumped.  We don't get dressed up for nothing.  

Here you go...

John and me...I used the shine-be-gone option on picnik because our faces were glowing a bit too much.  Can you tell?  I might print this one out and I'm not sure if we look natural.

Carson and Kate...married and still got it.  They had some cute posed pictures, but I loved this one more than anything!

Randall and Claire...just friends (I think)...I used to babysit her and Randall used to be in the youth group that I help with, now he's a leader.

John and Allison...married.  Just took an old building and made it a cool house for them and their boys.  Major outdoorsey.  She can teach a mean yoga class.

Randy and Holly...married.  Stand in bartenders. Friends with John and Allison, and just moved into to their old-building turned home.  Note to self: pool-mooch off of them next week.

Jenny and Andrew...engaged. Had normal posed pictures, but went with the thug one instead.

Brian and Kristie. Married. Tim and Robin. Married.  You can't see it here, but those girls have niiiice runner legs.  Nothing stops those hot mamas.

Holly, Patty, and me.  Patty is my go-to girl for the funny stuff.  She and I are a comedy duo.  There. I said it.  You know how some funny people compete to be the funniest...Not Patty and me...she is the ying to my yang.  We feed off of each other.  Even if no one is watching.  But we like it better when people watch.

Here is the happy couple about to take off.  Congrats Micah and Allison.  Thanks for a great party.  You guys are going to do marriage right, I just know it!


sidenote: they did something at their wedding that I've never seen before.  During the solo, they had three men come and pray for them.   The couple circled up with Tim (a friend), Al (a pastor), and Roger (an older mentor).  They asked us to pray for them and their marriage as well.  The solo was beautiful.  The time was rich.  And everyone talked about how neat that part of the ceremony was.

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