Monday, June 27, 2011

Toddler Bed

There was one day in April when Burl fell out of his crib.  I don't know if he climbed out, fell out, not really sure on the details.  I was about to get him when I heard and felt a THUD.  Then a cry.  Then, I went in and found him lying on the floor.  Pitiful.

It was until later that day that I decided that we would bring down the toddler bed for him.  The reason: he started banging his forehead on the floor.  A repeat of his fall, I'm assuming.

Within a few days, he learned that he can get in and out of his bed.  So, sometimes he sits and waits for me to come get him.  Right by the door.  Sometimes he falls asleep on the floor.   

Most of the time, he plays.  He plays hard and I have no idea what he's doing in there.  It involves his toys, his space, some motor noises, and lots of mess.

It's so cute to try and imagine what he's up to in there.  He really likes it in there and sometimes can play for an hour.  Other times, he get's into stuff.  Literally.  On more than one occasion, I've found him in his basket.  Just chillin'.  And I think it's about the funniest thing in his little world.


  1. I also fear hearing that thud of my boys climbing out of their cribs. Baskets are their favorites! I always do laundry on the floor so they can shake the socks, towels, anything, and then climb into the basket.

  2. what a cutie!!! i'm so impressed you've already made the switch! i'm a little anxious about it but think we're headed that way in a couple of months.

    p.s. - what kind of camera do you have? we are in the market for a good camera to snap shots of this active toddler and i'm trying to get some good recs. thanks!

  3. Such a little cutie! I still fear the thud and my girls are 6 and 8! :)