Tuesday, June 28, 2011


For John's 30th birthday present, he wanted a hangboard.  It's something that climbers use to do pull-ups and finger lifts and hangs and stuff.  There's a whole science to it.

The only condition to it was that John got to hang it wherever he wanted.  He chose the hallway.  Not too bad.  A couple weeks ago, it went up.  Burl loved the action.  

John assured me that we could make the stability board cute by painting it white.  I told him, "honey, we way past cute."  But sometimes, cute is not the point.

About the same time John got it posted, both my brothers got into town.  That's when the testosterone started flowing.

Sidenote: one of my friends made the comment that my brothers are mostly shirtless when they show up on my blog.  Sorry about that.  That's probably pretty gross.  It is, but to be honest, I never even noticed.  Most of my life these boys have walked around without shirts.  

As soon as they were done showing off, they let Burl have a chance.  He did pretty good.

Considering the help he got.  

And this is a great picture into my life.  Lots of boys and their boy stuff.  And as much as I love my brothers, John, and Burl, I'm SO EXCITED to add a baby girl into the mix.  It's really going to be a nice change of pace.  And hopefully smell.  Girls just smell better, right?

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  1. So far I can attest to the smell being better though there is something about the stinky LITTLE boy smell; beyond 10 or so, though, it's just plain gross.