Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Fountain

Burl is in love, obsessed, and completely mesmerized by a fountain at the local riverfront park.  We're talking super fun, super huge, free water fountain.  

He's only been walking for a few months, so it's a bit scary to me.  Lots of big kids running around.  All that concrete just waiting to make a new scar.  

Then, there's the chlorine.  Or like there of it.  It's just straight water being recycled through the same pumps all day long.  Quite gross when I think about it.

I decided that I would take him to the park-let Burl enjoy it.  I got there right when it opened-9 am-which is VERY early for me to be anywhere with Burl.  I wanted to beat the big kids and the little ones who poop in the water and ruin it for everyone.

I lathered him with SPF 4,000, popped on the swimmy diaper, and threw on his gangsta-long bathing suit and away we went.  Camera, drinks, and towel in hand.  Parking meter fed.

And guess what was closed for maintenance?  The fountain.  Bummer.  Or was it a blessing in disguise? 

It didn't take long for Burl to find his new love:

an entire park to himself and the lawn crew.  Mowers, weed eaters, rakes, it was just like home.  Lots of space and lots of big machines going.  I felt pretty comfortable letting him roam.  Until he tried to help said machines.

Thankfully, his attention was pulled away from the guy work and focused on the little space between the concrete sides and the rusty, sharp metal.  

He walked around each one.  With his stick.  Making his motor noise.  Guess he didn't leave the weed eater after all...

I'm finding a balance between letting him roam on his own and following him around with foam padding ready to catch every little trip.  I haven't really found a balance.  However, I got a sign:  I let where's waldo walk in a tight little spot between the rusty metal and the fence. Before he stepped down, he looked for something to hold on to and grabbed the fence to brace the step.  Be still my heart.  We've made progress.

Now if I can just find a floaty that will watch Burl at the pool while I get some reading and tanning done, we'll be in good shape.  

ps...I took the closed fountain better than the other moms that I passed.  As I saw some getting out of cars, getting ready for some free fun, I broke the bad news to them.  Let me tell you...some of those ladies got down right mad.  Moms are mean.  Hope I never become one.


  1. Good job to you for getting out so early! Have you actually seen a kid poop in the fountain? BACTERIA- AHH!!

    FYI- My friend commented on my blog about how you can wash (not dry) the swim diapers at least 4 to 5 times and reuse them. SCORE! Those things ain't cheap!

  2. Oh these picture are so cute. He is so adorable!!