Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Delicate Project

First pre-apology to my dad and dad-in-law.  The only male readers.  I'm going to talk about panties.  Not my panties.  Um. Never.  Just some that I made, kind of.

Here's the thing:  I went to a lingerie party for a friend.  We were asked to bring a pair that represented our personality, then the guest of honor had to guess who brought which pair.
Great idea!  Fun game!

My thinking was: I'll bring white (because everyone knows I love all things white) and I'll get a full coverage pair with a note that says, "I've got your back."  Clever-I know.  As I was wrapping it, I thought, "well this is kind of boring.  Oooo...everyone knows that I put white ruffles on everything, why not these panties?"

A little white ruffle along the top +  a jersey flower above the hip =  success.  Wa-la. I only had to point out to everyone TWICE that I made the ruffles and the bow.  They didn't hear me the first time.

I don't craft just to craft.  
Sista needs the attention that comes with, "you made that?!"  
"Why yes!  It was SOOOOOO easy!  Really, it was nothing.  Really."

Move over, Victoria's Secret, I'm movin' on up.  
{By the way...does anyone still shop there?}


  1. "You made that?!?"
    They are incredibly cute and I'm just going to admit right now that I'm absolutely stealing the idea of bringing "a pair of panties that represents you." It is too brilliant NOT to be copied. Thank you.

    A Foreign Land

  2. I LOVE those panties. TOTALLY MEG.

    I still shop at VS -- but only when they are 7 pairs for $25 dollars. :)

  3. Only you!

    I absolutely refuse to shop VS. Not only as a woman, but as a mother, I find their window displays very offensive - legal porn and there's nothin' secret about it. But that's just my humble opinion....