Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Letter Box

Even though I'm not big on keeping every little treasure along the way, I have to keep some things.  Among those things that I hold onto are letters and cards.  Words mean so much to me, especially when they were sent in the mail.  I absolutely treasure the ones from John and my Grandma Polly, because letters have helped form and hold those relationships tightly. 

Since my Grandma Polly is not into changing technology, writing letters is one of the best ways to keep in touch with her.  I get absolutely giddy when she sends me something.  Birthday cards.  Thank you cards.  Simple correspondence cards.  My absolute favorite one came several months after she had her stroke.  The stroke hit her hard and I wasn't sure if she would ever be able to write me a letter again.  The day that I opened the mailbox and saw her handwriting I cried right there on the street.  Three simple sentences brought so much comfort to me.  She was back.

As for John and me, well, we write lots of letters and lots of notes.  Every holiday is marked with a long letter to each other.  There are simple notes.  There are apology letters.  Then, there are those letters from when we were dating-those are cute.  

At a party recently, I talked with a friend about all the letters that we have from our husbands.  I didn't know this about her, but she and her husband share letters and she's kept every single one.  She said that sometimes when he's away or they're in a fight, she reads those and is reminded that he loves her.  

It's here right now that I would like to say, that the couple that writes together, stays together.  Well, I would like to say that goes for any relationship.  Any.

So, here is my little stash.  It might be on my "grab in case of fire" list.  Because as I read on a blog, "there are many things that can change a life....a letter is one of them."  Well said.

These letters have changed mine in small and big ways along the way, and I treasure them.


  1. Few things I read inspire me to take action right away. Usually, I file it away and never get to it. I will absolutely do this! I need to put these cards in a box (admittedly, I have thrown some away). I will also put together a container for my girls!! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. i realize i'm reading this much, much later than you posted it and i'm sure you are already doing this but.... when julian was younger we had a book that we kept in the b-room and we'd write back and forth in it. it's a great & wonderful book. we stopped when we "grew" into 2.5 baths. now that we've downsized and are all in the (yes it's true and terrible) same bathroom all together again, maybe it's time to find a new book to write to each other. it's a memory path. tangible hearts.


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