Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Yard Sale Finds

Some people buy furniture from a furniture store.  Some get their finds from thrifting.  Some are yard sale maniacs.  Some get furniture for free.  I have been all of those people.

Mainly, I'm a free girl.  I used to take anything from anyone if it was free.  Then, John lovingly told me, "Just because it's free doesn't mean you have to take it." true.

 I had my days as a a yard sale maniac.  One of my closest friends lived around the corner from me and we loved a good yard sale.  We loved hosting a yard sale and we loved going to yard sales.

When I was engaged and about to have my own place, we would wake up early Saturday mornings, grab my dads huge pickup truck, and roam our city.  We were wild college girls.

Even though I've passed on a lot of my yard sale treasures, there are two things that I have held closely to my heart.  

First, is my collection of window frames.

I've talked about one of them before here, and I've talked about dressing them up for Christmas here.  And now I'm telling you about the day they came into my life.  I first fell in love with a pair.  Old.  Unique.  Wavy Glass.  Great colors.  What's not to love?

They can be used different ways: plain, turned into a table, used as a picture frame, with a ledge and with a box.  Just don't throw any rocks. Lay off the Dr Seuss for a while.

It is all great fun.

Windows aren't everyone's style.  Their a bit cottage-ish.  Chipped paint isn't for everyone.  However, I love them and think they're great.  Even if my brother teases me and tells me that he "just loves the view."

The second thing that I have held onto is a couch.  It is my yard sale gem and it is the biggest eye sore in my house.  What a combo.  Here's a little story:

Jessi and I pulled up to a garage sale.  My mission that day was to find a couch.  I was willing to pay $100.  I was in need.  I pulled up to the sale and we both said it at the same time-"does that say $75 or $15?"  We pulled closer and couldn't decide if that was a 7 or a 1 with a little hook.

It was a 1 and it had a top hook.  Someone almost bought it before me, but Jessi "accidentally" tripped her and I might have knocked a lamp on her.  No, just kidding.
No wrestling involved.  Just a lot of excitement over the deal that I found.

And now look at her.  She's ugly and I thought I would never EVER show her to the WWW.  

Nothing makes me feel like a failure of a home decorator then to have a slipcover that has a hole in it, covered with a bed sheet, that has a hole in it as well.  (Both holes hidden.)  

I have to tell myself that we have a plan for this couch.  It involves a room makeover and a new slipcover.  Let's hope that it comes quickly.  

This is where I need a little help.  The Nester is talking about yard sale stuff and I'm hoping that some of you ladies out there can offer some advice.  I'm in need of a good slipcover.  Any advice where to go?

Also, anyone having a good yard sale soon?

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