Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Farm Wedding, To Come

Isn't that an incredible picture?  An incredible view?  Wouldn't it be amazing if that was where your wedding took place?  Well, for one of my good friends that will be part of her fairy tale.   

Jenny and Andrew are getting married in a few months.  Last night, we went to visualize their wedding and reception.

By the pictures on their website, I knew that I would be in love with this place.  

Indeed.  I was in love.  And I also knew that the scenery would be oh.so.refreshing.  
Sista took the camera.  

Fresh berries anyone?

There are so many great things about this place.  They really thought of everything-for example-hayride valet.  That's right...hayride valet.     

They've done a great job and I can't wait to see what a real photographer is going to do with this place.  Heck, I might have to get copies and have a little Andrew and Jenny wedding display in my house.   It's just that great.

Being that it was a farm and there were animals and there were wide open spaces, I knew that John and Burl would love it.  

Burl went wild.  They had some kids toys there that made it even more fun for Burl.  He went nuts over the animals.  He loved playing in the mulch.  Then, there were the berries...

Raspberries. Blueberries. Blackberries.  Burl could not get enough of them.  The husband who planted them and grew them did not mind one bit.  As long as we sat there and listened to the tips of how he got them so sweet (and they are sweet), he let us enjoy as many berries and he could pluck.  

Burl kept grunting and pointing for more, and more he was given.

I even managed to get a somewhat decent picture of Burl and me and my nappy hair.  

*Notice anything different about Burl?  I edited the scar out.  But left the berry stains.  John and I decided to keep the scar from now on.  It's just who Burl is.  

But it's not about me or Burl or berries.  It's about these two gettin' married.  And I'm really excited about being at a party. outside. celebrating a couple of people becoming one.  Love it.

Check back later this week when I make it more about me and my attempt at a mini family photo session.


  1. Beautiful pictures and what an amazing wedding that is going to be!! Thanks for sharing!! Stopped by from the Good Life Wednesdays at a Beach Cottage!

  2. Wow! I agree with Tonya. These pics are really beautiful. I'm especially in love with the blueberry ones! Nice work, lady.

    A Foreign Land

  3. Its going to be a very special day. Love the pics. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage good Life Wednesdays and joining the party.

  4. Please tell me that is going to be their engagement photo...I love it!

  5. Your photos are exquisite , I love the one of the hands , I have a little boy of a similar age to your little one .. I get the grunting :) Well done ,You have a very impressed new follower from Australia xx

  6. Not spitting but pss psss noises as if weeing ....I'm sure this reads well to you Meg, but heavens knows what others will think :) xx