Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Pictures

Does anyone else ever feel the pressure to have that great family picture?  I feel like it is up to me and only me to get that one awesome picture.  The one where we all look somewhat happy, everyone is in focus, there are no double chins, and it just looks good.

When we went with Jenny and Andrew to The Barn at High Point, I knew that I had some chances.  The planets would have to align for it to happen, but I was hopeful.

After we were done with wedding stuff, after Burl played himself out, and after we stuffed ourselves with berries, I thought, "let's try and fit in a family photo shoot."

We tried.  Burl was burnt out.  We tugged and pulled and tried and tried.  I walked away thinking, "we didn't get it.  We didn't get that AWESOME picture I was hoping for."  You know the one with Burl laughing as John and I swing him in our arms with the perfect background.  Didn't happen.  

Jenny told me, "surely there's one good one."  She's right there were some good ones, but there wasn't one I was going to enlarge and hang on the ceiling.

When I got home and downloaded all the pictures, I realized that the AWESOME picture wasn't there.  However, I also realized that I was smiling as I looked through them.  And that's when I realized that sometimes the pictures that show how it really was are sometimes more fun.  

Moral of the story for me: It's not about the image, it's about the memories captured.


  1. TOTALLY feel the same about having to have the good family photo. I also feel the need to have a good one every so many months so that I don't miss a stage. What farm did yall go to with Jenny & Andrew?

  2. As someone who has achieved a few of those "perfect" know, the ones where we are all doing something precious like walking away holding hands or my kids are smiling and holding hands...I can tell you, it is ALL FAKE. Most of the time, the kids are crying and I am mad. Enjoy the precious ones of him feeding the goats and you guys standing close and smiling. In 5 years, those will be the ones that you look at and think..." We were so happy." The others, you will think "We looked great, but I had just told my kids they were not getting ice cream unless they smiled like they meant it!".