Saturday, June 11, 2011

Artsy-Fartsy Plant Pictures & Some Thoughts To Go With Them

This post was suppose to come a while ago, but I could never collect my thoughts and words.  I really thought about it for a while.  The words and complete thoughts never came.  Nonetheless, my memories and my feelings are still with me from spending a few days camping and following two rock climbers around Kentucky.

While John and Joseph (hubs and bro) climbed, I watched, I read, I snacked, and I took artsy farsty pictures.  Here they are raw and unedited.  (I need some help with that, Lara.)  I hope to frame and display them in our house.  I love plants and greenery, and I'm obsessed with wild growing ferns.  They are fascinating.

The greenery/scenery was gorgeous.  Lots of rain proved to make this area stunning.   I tried to take it all in.  And I think it worked.

I decided on this trip that I love being outdoors more than I ever gave myself credit for.  Not that it's an accomplishment or anything.  It's just that I didn't really know that about myself.  Now I know.  I do really well outside and it's absolutely refreshing to abide in.  Yep, I said abide in.

I've been on some pretty amazing trips-most of them in high school and college.  And this one went on the "pretty amazing trips" list.  Something about being outside in the most wonderfully decorated place ever brings me peace down to the core.  Mad props to The Guy Who Made it.  He knows what he's doing.

When we got home, I was so chilled out.  I mean major relaxed.  And I think it stuck.  John called me his laid-back outdoorsy wife.  I'll take that!  Because it was truly refreshing.  Part of it was a break from the house, the chores, the errands, and the fact that most of my time is spent taking care of an entire person.  The break was a big part of it.  However, I wouldn't have been as refreshed and as peaceful and as chilled out if I went shopping for the weekend.  Or to a big city to see the lights.

No.  Big city is not my vacation ideal.  
It's not where I chill.

Creation is where I chill.  Beach. Woods. Mountains. Desserts.  Been there.  Done those.  Can't think about any better way to vacation.

Another big part of it was that I think I know what it means to "find myself."  Even though I think that's the most hilarious line ever, I have to say I get it now.  I found that I love nature. I love outside.  I love my family.  And I love camping.  Especially when smores are involved.

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