Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Bag

So, who likes the new format for my blog???  Who even noticed?  I got a little help from the tech department...aka, John.  I told him that I wanted the text wider, and 

BAAM.  He did it.  To reward me him, I made cookies.  Yum.  Oatmeal chocolate chip from scratch, which Broseph pointed out that the tube cookies are just as good and just a healthy.

Thanks Broseph.  I'm trying to be cool here and make cookies from scratch.  Don't be a hater.  There are a ton just a few left.  They'll be gone by tonight.  But, this post isn't about cookies.  

It's about Burl...and how cute he is when he's in his sleep sack/baby bag.  On one particular morning, he was being EXTRA cute.  I grabbed the camera and got some fun action shots.

In honor of a new wider blog, I made the pictures as big as I can get them.  Maybe this is how I'll make them from now on.  For now, for this post, I'm pretty sure that the grandparents will love them.  My mom will be talking to the Burl on the screen,

I think the cross out function on my blog is cool am in love with the cross out function on my blog.


  1. Yippeeeee for blog format upgrades! It looks fantastical.
    And double yippppeeeeeee for super big pictures of the little man. My vote: keep them this big. His cuteness DESERVES big pictures.

  2. So cute! Love the bigger photos. Don't you love those sleep sacs? My youngest slept in one and it was the greatest thing ever! She is still a butt in the air sleeper at almost 10 and I think it is because of that sac.


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