Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting Dressed

Even though I dress like I don't care about my clothes, I don't want to be the girl who cares about her clothes.  I can't not care.  It's just not right.

Solid T's.  Mainly V-neck or Scoop neck with flare jeans.  If my life had a uniform, that would be it.

Let's say that I'm lacking in the style department.  I know, I's not good to be superficial and want to look cute.  But, show me one person who doesn't care about what they wear, and I'll show you a person that needs to be on meds.  Lots of them. 

We all care about what we wear and how we look.  Even though I really hate dedicating a blog post to clothes, I've gotta get this off my chest.

I realized today, while working AT THE GAP, that I've been seriously lacking creativity in getting dressed.

I'm making a pledge.  Another wonderful pledge.  TO!!!SPICE!!!THINGS!!!UP!!!

Ruffles. Skinny Jeans. Funky collars. Patterns. Flowing tops. Cowboy boots. Dresses. Girly flats.  I want more of you in my life!!! I am ready for a new and improved look!


  1. I saw a similar post a couple of months back:

    She mentioned a site called where you can mix and match items - kind of like paperdolls for grownups.

  2. "everything in moderation"
    it's ok to care about your clothes as long as it doesn't consume you, or become an obsession, or take the place of carefully choosing what character traits you want to build into your life - at least that's what I think!

    also - ruffles make me feel pretty and feminine, like the 50's housewife! :)

  3. Go for it girl! Style to match your personality!!


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