Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keeping it Real

Who wants to make a pledge?  It's about plastic. 

Aside from my dependence on baggies and storage tubs, I don't like a lot of plastic stuff hanging around my house.  It doesn't feel right.

Plastic has never done anything to me, but it really hasn't done much for me either.  When I think about homes that I've been in, I think about how nice it is to walk into a home with natural elements.  Wood, straw, jute, glass, metal, cotton, burlap.  

If our surroundings really effect (or affect) our mood like they say they do, then wouldn't we want something real?

This year, what if I gave gifts that are natural.  Do I dare?  Do I dare to make a pledge to NOT buy plastic gifts for Christmas this year?  Can we break free from the hold that plastic has on us?

If you read this blog, I would love to hear your opinion.  Any insights...?


  1. Go for it! While plastic has it's place (ask me about how handy ziploc bags are when there's no potty nearby but you're out in public), I prefer natural things.

  2. I love natural...kind of like that store you used to work in years ago, it was so peaceful in there. I think your house is peaceful too. i'm way too dependent on plastic things right now though. i hate it. but that's the way it is right now. someday.