Tuesday, October 19, 2010

High Dollar Pedi

I, like any normal American woman, love a good pedi.  As much as I would love the look of professionally manicured feet, I don't love the money and the time it takes.

That picture is really funny to me.

Instead, I do an at home version.  I don't have toe separators, that dead skin shaver thing, or an electric massage chair.

I only need three things:


Every few days in the shower, I give the bottom of my feet a good scrub.  It's important that the stone and the feet are wet.


When I get out of the shower, I cover my feet in Vaseline.  The sooner the better-I read somewhere that it is good to moisturize within three minutes of getting out of the shower.  After three minutes, the skin starts to lose moisture and dry out.


Then, I pull on some socks.  It's best to leave them on for a minimum of one hour, and anything after that is just an extra bonus.  

It does wonders, ladies.  It really does.  Makes the skin glow.  The toenails look clean and normal even though toenails are not clean and normal.  
I've had people stop and tell me how great my feet look.  Ok, not really, but one can hope...


  1. i just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the time you got en ENTIRE blade of GRASS stuck under your big toe. i believe it was circa 1992. i will never, ever forget that.

    and now, neither will any of your readers! : )

  2. Thank you very much for telling everyone that wonderful story! Awe, sweet memories.

    I just hope that no one clicks on the "comments" section.

  3. you can always delete! not from my memory, but at least from your blog.....

  4. Creates humbleness. I'll leave it.


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