Friday, October 22, 2010

Craft Room

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a craft room?  Something about becoming a mom has made me want to craft, craft, craft.  Even though I have secretly judged anyone who has ever told me they love to "craft" (I hate that word as a verb), I love it now.  Craft, craft, craft.

Who wants to look back at their life and say, "wow, I did a lot of great crafting!"  Sounds like a life wasted.  But, here I am, crafting.  A lot.  I justify it by saying that I'm making presents for other people, which saves money.

To be honest, I love making stuff.  Stationary.  Invitations.  Ruffled Shirts.  Baby gifts.  I love it all.

When I see these craft rooms, I fall in love.  A whole room dedicated to crafting.  Man, I would love that space.  I converted a 12x12 mudroom to a little sewing room, which I just adore.

For now, I'll enjoy that little room and dream about the day I have enough courage to get rid of our TV and convert that room into a HUGE craft room.


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