Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh No, Feelings

I'm have feelings...a few serious thoughts...bare with me.

1.  I heard someone say to tell if someone is a Christian, listen to what they say.  Christians will talk about God's love for them more than they talk about their love for God.  I don't know how true that statement is, but that got me thinking.  First, I started talking about God's love for me more than my love for God because if anyone is going to judge me, I wanted them to think I was a super great Christian.  Second, I realized I was REALLY missing the point with that thought.  Third, I thought about, and I think about it that the point is God's love for me.  It's so much more than my love for Him.  So much more.

2.  I feel like the whole foods approach to cooking is really taking off at the same rate that junk food is gaining ground.  It feels like people either make it or fake it and there is not much middle ground.  It's exciting and it's scary.  I wish that something could get us to change.

3.  I am getting a good look at how much I'm not real and not honest and I am a fake.  It's scary and it's exciting all at once.  I'm doing a cool women's Bible Study, reading Scandalous Freedom and A Praying Life, and trying to really hard to be honest about myself and my thoughts.  Eeek. That sounds crazy that I'm doing all that stuff, right?  Yeah, I thought so-a little crazy and a little coo-coo.  What if I could change?  What if I was REAL?  That would be so refreshing.

4.  I hate being this serious, but I have to want to get it out.  Thank goodness I grabbed some cute pictures from here to spruce things up.

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  1. I love your analogy about whole foods vs. junk. I've been thinking a lot about something I heard this summer: "Things worth doing are going to be hard."

    Whether it's the Christian walk or food choices, our natural inclination is to go to what is easy and familiar. I'm hungry and want a snack: do I mindlessly munch a bag of already prepared potato chips or take the time to bake a potato and sit and savor it? I'm feeling down: do I mope and feel sorry for myelf or do I worship the One who made me and sustains me?

    It seems easier to build a facade behind which to hide, but there is real freedom in the willingness to share the good, bad and ugly in one's life.