Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Burlap Ruffle, Flair Added

My absolute favorite crafting blog is Jones Design Company.  All the stuff that she makes is way cool, and her tutorials are so easy to follow.

When I saw her Burlap Ruffle Wreath, I know that I had to make it.  

Monday was rainy, Burl was sleepy, and I was without a car for part of the day.   Basically what I'm saying is that the planets were perfectly aligned for me to finally make the wreath, for which I had purchased the supplies a while ago. 

The best part of the wreath is the accessories.  I'm not sure how she made that black and white flower, so I created my own version.  It turned out cute!!!  The wreath and I might have a little fight over who gets to wear it first.

The supplies are simple:

a piece of fabric 20 x 12 (give or take)
needle and thread
sewing machine (staples or glue gun would be fine...that part gets hidden)


1. Fold fabric length wise, cute side facing out.

2. Sew (glue or staple) along the cut edges.  
*Think:  zipping up a sleeping bag completely over your head.
3. Take the short edges and do the same.  The fabric will be in a hoop, as in hula hoop.  

4.  Thread the needle, with two strings hanging down, tied together at the bottom.

5. Run the string, in and out, along the sewn, ugly edge.  Go around the whole loop.

6. Pull to tighten/ruffle.

7. Fold open and play with it to get it to look "just right."  It's like hair...take's a bit of tweaking, but the messy "I don't care that much about my hair" look is what we're going for here.  

It turned out pretty cute.  It says more "welcome spring" than "pass the eggnog", but that can easily be changed with some red berries and magnolia leaves. 

It may get a Christmas makeover.  It may stay like it is to remind me that spring will come again.

Come back tomorrow to see how I used it.


  1. you can pretend it's spring...that's how i survive the ten below zero weather here in chicago...

    i like that you can change out this project with a few accessories...



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