Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Working On It

For the last 20 minutes, I've been giving a fashion show to myself.  I'm a little bit nervous, a little bit excited, and a little bit freaked out that I've been using my time this way.  But, I guess that is what happens when I try and branch out of my usual style.  


This is not a post on what I've worn everyday.  This is a post on what I'm trying to wear.

Ruffle cardigan: Old Navy (my new basic)
White T: made by me
Skinny Jeans: Walmart, $12. Just got them in the mail.  Blogged about them here.  Let me say something about skinny jeans, and I've said it before.  I don't think this is the best look for me.  Not the best cut.  What it is: in style and different.  There is something about wearing a trend that puts a pep in my step.  Also, this summer, my mom changed her hairstyle for the first time in several years.  She grew it out.  It wasn't her favorite look, and it wasn't her hairdresser's favorite look.  Her hairdresser told her, "that's ok.  Sometimes we just need a change.  It might not look the best, but it's ok.  It's just different, and it's just for a brief period of time."  So, I'm giving the skinny jeans a chance.

Basic T: Gap
Bootcut Jeans: Walmart, $20.  This is a different style for me and, you can't tell by this picture, but it's a different color.  It's not my favorite, but that's ok.  It's different.  

Puffy Vest: Gap.  Again, this is a totally new thing for me, but I got SO MANY compliments on it the few days in a row that I wore it.  Even John loved it.
Flare Jeans, a few years old: Walmart, $13

Before: plain tee, flare dark jeans, flip flops.  
During: tee and something different, different jeans, working on the shoes.
After: just not there yet, but I'm working on it.

ps...did everyone notice that I got my jeans at Walmart for $20 or less?
ps2...I cleaned my mirror before this, but it did no good apparently.
ps3...I figured out how to crop the pictures myself.  Without John.  woo-woo.


  1. Vest is so cute! You have such a daring,bold and fun personality: reflect it in your style, girl!

  2. Its good to change this up, thats how we learn what we do like and love. I have a similar puffy waistcoat and its so snugly and warm perfect for cold but not to cold days. Happy thanksgiving. axx

  3. Hi Meg! I love your vest too! I gave you an award today!

  4. I know I have said it before, but " You are such a doll!". Love the new look! Different without being drastic, and the skinnies look so good on your skinny self.
    Hugs and Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Love what your Mom's hairdresser said! I am a hairdresser too. Change is good. In all areas sometimes, including our clothes. I think you are seriously rocking your skinny jeans! They look fabulous on you. I love the darker wash, which looks nice and more dressy too. I was against skinny jeans at first, but no joke that is all I want to wear now. Love them with boots, heels, you name it. And you look good in them!

  6. that vest is cute... it has a shape to it most puffies dont have.

    What i Wore

  7. you linked up!
    i agree that you are rocking your skinny jeans! very stylish and flattering.

    hope to see you over at the pleated poppy next wednesday!