Thursday, November 18, 2010

Window Box Makeover

Here's the wreath that started the makeover.

I have a window box in my kitchen.  I took one of the many wooden window frames that I have collected over time, and I asked John to make me a window box to go on it.  After drawing it on a computer program to make sure we were on the same page, he put it together.  He hung on the wall...and I'm pretty sure I could stand on it and it would stay in place.

As my brother likes to joke, the view is great.  Not so fast, Broseph.  Look at that tired display.  Dead bamboo, plain wreath and more greenery just sitting there looking lazy.  I want my accessories working for me.

So, I hung the wreath on a secure nail push pin I barely got on there.  Then, I grabbed an adorable birdcage that my mom gave me.  I have two of them but only used one.  I like the unbalanced look.

I even threw in a little somethin' somethin' on that side as well.  
*Dear Greenery, I'm really starting to love you.  Even if I found you in my yard.

Looking at it, I realized that I need balanced unbalance.  (That makes no sense whatsoever, but that's how I'm leaving it.)  I also needed candlelight and mason jars.  Together.  Being that I NEED those jars for canning, I don't want the wax.  Enter: perfect sized votives that fit perfectly in the mouth of the jar.

Meanwhile, Burl grabbed the chalk and wrote a desperate call for help.  He could not believe what he was seeing:  his mom neglecting him to move stuff around and take pictures.

I almost felt bad.  Until I stepped back and saw what I had done.  It's not amazing.  It's not in season.  But it's different and I like it.  

And apparently while I was "decorating," Burl taught himself to scale a wall and send a very clever SOS.  I call that a win-win.


  1. You carry off "unbalanced" so well!

  2. This is so dang cute!!! Love that burlap wreath:) I’m hosting a Christmas Open House on the 9th…would love to have you come by and join in on the fun!


  3. Beautiful. I linked over from Rhoda's. Love the simplistic elegance.

  4. Your window looks great, I am loving the mason jar look, myself. The burlap wreath is fabulous, I don't know why I haven't thought of that.
    Hugs, cindy

  5. Very nice... much better with the makeover!


  6. I love how you dressed up that wonderful old window. Looks great. I know you are new at blogging and may not know how to add a link. I do hope you will add a link to my party if you know how so others that see it will know about the party and join in if they want. Thanks for sharing this.