Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Parent #3

I'm just going to say it: Broseph is a great uncle.  I like to refer to him as parent #3, because he loves Burl and is concerned about Burl just like a parent would be.  Many times, if John or I aren't around, he wants Broseph to snuggle him after his naps.

Every morning, when Broseph comes downstairs (or home from a run), Burl jerks his head around until he can see him.  When they see each other, they both light up.  Burl goes nuts!  Other than when he's eating breakfast, he usually lunges for Broseph to hold him. 

Broseph is what an uncle is suppose to be: a little bit more rowdy than me, a little nervous and scared that he's going to drop Burl, and a lot mushy when Burl snuggles up to him.

I love it!!!  It's so fun to be front and center to watch this happen!

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