Monday, November 29, 2010

Cookie Exchange Invites

My dinning room table was taken over for a couple of days while I made the 5th annual Cookie Exchange Invitations.  The Cookie Exchange is modeled just like the one my mom does.  That one has been going for 30 years!!!  We wrap up 1/2 dozen cookies for each person that comes.  

It's been the same 12-14 girls every year, and it's a blast.  We just eat, talk, and look at all the cookies we get to take home!

I always make my own invitations.  Nothing too fancy, just something that I can make in Word.  Sometimes making the invitations is my favorite part!

Here is an example of how I addressed them.  {No, Amy Butler was not invited, oh I wish.}  I love that line cutting through the middle.  I stole that idea when I saw this.


  1. your "nothing fancy" invites are adorable!
    i seriously considered hosting a cookies exchange this year...doesn't look like it'll happen. post picture of yours and i'll just pretend, ok? :)

  2. hmm.... i could do a cookie exchange. Any other details I should know about?

    love your blog, Meg. sometimes I just don't have time to comment!

    you can msg me on Facebook. ;)

  3. hey Meg! I found you while commenting over @ jones design company.
    I must say - your cookie exchange invites are WONDERFUL.
    I too am hosting a cookie exchange this year, and you put me to SHAME {I just invited everyone on Facebook} but you know what? next year, I'm gonna step it up thanks to you! :)