Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

There is a ton and ton and ton of rain here today.  What better to do than make a little mess?

  We had some whipped cream in a can left here from a potluck dinner, and we are more of the heavy-cream-whipped-up-in-a-bowl kind of folks.  No fear, I put it to good use.  I gave it to Burl to play with.

He had fun with it, until I gave him some to eat.  He literally gagged on it.  That wasn't a big surprise to me though.  Burl is a picky eater...he hates mushy food...it's real food or nothing for him.  The more texture, the better.

I kept trying to give him some to eat, and he would close his eyes.  Broseph came in and tried to give him some on a spoon, but he would have no part of it.  Eyes and mouth shut tight.

We quit "torturing" him with eating it, and Broseph handed him a spatula.

That's when the real fun started.  He played and played and played while I made lunch.

Lunch was served-Broccoli.  Burl. Was. Thrilled.

He was so excited about the broccoli, that he fed himself for the first time ever!  I have to say, I'm feeling proud.

The whole thing was a success and seem to put some extra fun into our day!!!


  1. LOVE these pictures. so cute. he reminds me of your brothers in these!

  2. Broccoli sure gets a bad rap - all my kids have loved it, to the point we would have to wait to serve it (my mom used to hide the bowl from my sister and I). I love that second picture - what a face!

  3. my new year's resolution (in december): comment on Meg's AMAZING pics, wonderful blog, and glimpse into her wonderful days as a mom!