Sunday, May 15, 2011


Guess where we went this week?  Da Aquarium.  We went with my friend who has a son just a few days younger than Burl.  It was great.  Burl went nut-zo.  Like Wild Man kind of thing.  Like, oh-my-goodness-how-do-I-keep-him-contained-kinda-wild.

There were a few days this week where Burl spent more time falling down than actually walking aquarium day was one of those days.  I guess a gash to the forehead can do that to a little guy.  When I took him to the aquarium, he wanted to run and fall and fall and fall everywhere.  That place might have been coated with shards of glass.  I was a nervous wreck, thinking, "why the heck don't they pad this entire place?!?"

Splashing in the water was the only thing that he could do that didn't make me nervous.
Until he got so wild he tried to climb in.
Until I realized his face was soaked and there is that little rule about keeping stitches dry...

The pictures are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. though!  I'm so glad I was that mom who values documenting a good time over Burl's safety.  Worth.every.snap.

The picture below was one of my favorites.  During the butterfly exhibit, Burl tried to catch a butterfly and it was so precious.  I was so excited that I got it on camera!  Then, I realized it looked like he was trying to run off with some (danger) strangers.  

Replace the double doors with some mountains, the people with some bunnies, and the concrete floor with a bed of wildflowers and this would have been a great picture!

These pictures (above and below) sum-up our time together.  Lots of screaming (mainly to get strangers attention) and a squirmy little guy who didn't want to snuggle for a great photo opp were the name of our game.

Next time we go, let's hope Mr. Wild can do better at walking and I won't waste so much energy recording all those kodak moments.


  1. Oh what fun! THe girls and I used to spend HOURS in that place. It was our indoor playground in the winter. So fun to see Burl loving it! And thanks so much for your encouraging words :). Keep posting those fun pics. Love them!

  2. It looks like a really fun day out...especially the strangers! x

  3. the last pic of you two is awesome!


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