Monday, May 9, 2011


Burl's {potential} child modeling career came to a screeching halt yesterday.  After church, Burl was playing with some kids, lost his balance and slammed his head into the corner of a pew.
The sound was freaky.

1094586 paper towels, 4 hours at the ER, and 9 stitches later, Burl has his first "uh-oh."
{That's what the professionals call a gash in the forehead.}  

It's going to leave a scar, but I'm ok with that.
Why, you ask?  That's because everyone has told me that scars are sexy and chicks dig them.

That's what every mother wants on mother's day.
My 14 month old baby brought sexy back.
About time.  


  1. I have a scar very similar that I call my Harry Potter Scar. And yes, it does burn when Voldemort is close by.

  2. Oh no!!! I would've been freaking out. You handled it well!

  3. Ouch! Poor little thing. I expect there were LOTS of tears. I agree with Megan - it will have to be his Harry Potter scar! x

  4. Poor kid! He will be able to show it off later!

  5. ab did the same thing with a brick wall.
    we call her scar her "harry potter scar" gets all red when she gets upset and when lord voldemort is near.
    also his scar will shrink when his head gets bigger...literally and figuratively.


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