Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To Make A Changing Pad

Yesterday I talked about my new found love for making a little somethin' somethin' for baby showers.  Today, I'm going to attempt to give a little tutorial on how to make The Changing Pad.

It's called the Changing Pad, but it could also be used as a burp cloth.  And, it involves quilting batting, so it's basically a quilt.  So, I'm like a quilter now.  Fancy.

I don't have a picture of the whole thing-but here's what it is.  Flannel on one side.  Cute fabric on the other.  Batting in the middle for a little cushion.

Here is what you'll need:
A 22x12" rectangle of each: fabric, batting, flannel
pins (optional)
sewing machine

I chose the 22x12" size because that means I can get six pieces out of one yard of 45" fabric.  
It makes sense.  I tried it.

1. Take your rectangles of batting, fabric, and flannel and line them together.
Pin them to stay in place-if you're a pinning kind of gal-and I am.

They need to be in this order:
fabric (printed side facing soft flannel)
flannel (softer side facing fabric)

Hope that makes sense.

2. Sew around the edges.  Get as close to the edges as possible, but make sure the sewing machine goes through all three pieces.  This is muy importante. 

Also, leave a 3-4 inch opening somewhere on the edge.  
We gonna turn that mother out in just a minute.

3. Remove pins.  Snip edges (if needed) and trim those corners.

4. Turn that mother out.  Flip the entire thing through the opening that was made.  It's going to be flipped so the batting will be on the inside and the soft side of the flannel and the pretty side of the fabric will be hanging outside.  

Hope that makes sense.  Try practicing  and figuring it if you need to.  If my friends and I could get it (with a few calls to Julie), then I'm sure anyone can get it.

5. Tuck in the opening.  Ironing helps.  But not necessary.

6a. Sew around the edge.  Get it real close or leave a bit of a gap.  Whatever ya fancy.

6b. (optional step) Sew two lines down the changing pad.  I like to leave a 2" space from the top and the bottom and a 2" inch space from the sides.

And Wa-La.  There you have it.  A little tutorial on how to make a very cute changing pad.  That I don't have a picture of.  Sorry about that.  

Happy Showering and Gifting!

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  1. Love the home-made gifts you've made. I LOVE a good shower and bringing something crafty as well. My new thing is embroidering the baby's name on a onesie and crocheting a hat.