Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Indoor Vignettes

All over Aunt Margaret's house, she has vignettes set up.  Great, balance, cute, vignettes.  

They usually involve:

one great piece of furniture
wall art
(grown up) lamps
something natural
versatile accessories

Here's a tip that Aunt Margaret clued me on - 

See the set of four pictures above?  Looks quite fancy and expensive.  Not.
4 frames from Target + a cool botanicals book = instant wall decor.

Note to self...look for cool botanical/bird/animal book at used bookstore. Find cool cheap frames.  Find my cure for cool stuff for my walls.

With elements that coordinate, Aunt Margaret's decorator itch, and rooms that are themed the same way, these vignettes get changed quite often.  I love that.  It keeps thing interesting.  (Kind of like a great wardrobe - good basic pieces that coordinate with each other = a wide variety of kickin' options.)

Now...for me, that is inspiring.  If I shop my house, get some stuff from my yard, then I think I can pull together a cool vignette as well.  

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