Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Girls' Space

Aunt Margaret has three daughters (my cool cousins).  Girls with funk and style and passion.

Here is their bathroom.  I've always loved this bathroom.  I made a comment about the funky shower curtain, because I remember something less soulful there.  More basic. 

Abby told me that the girls picked it out.
Their mom doesn't like it.  
But she lets them have it anyway. 
Because the girls liked it.
What a cool mom.

Below is Annie's room.  Look at all that funk and style.  You know what this room says to me, This is Annie's room.  No doubt about it.  A room that her mom let her really be herself.  If you know Annie, then you can see her in so many parts of this room.  Funk.  Style.  Cool.

Here are the two older girl's room.  These sisters are a bit more girly, but still very, very cool. Can't you see it in their room?  Their stuff.  Their decorations.  Their art.  All over the room.  I just love this because I see Jesse and Abby in this room and I think that's so cool.

Even though this part of the house doesn't "match" the rest of the house, it's still way cool!  I'm learning a lesson for the future:

  give my kids some space and allow them to show me who they are.

It's so fun and so creative and I just think it's great that Aunt Margaret let them have their own space to be who they are.  It kind of makes sense though.  Jesse, Abby, and Annie are all great at being themselves and putting their style out there.  I guess I could say that it all started at home!


  1. My mom let me paint my room neon green when I was a kid! It looked so awesome with all the Indigo girls quotes hanging on the walls. Bahahaha!

  2. Creativity and an eye for design obviously runs in your family! x

  3. maybe i could have made the bed a little better..... haha!


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