Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Do I Clean?

This week I've been waking up with one thing on my mind.  Cleaning.  Gotta get this place in order.


Could it be that lovely 2nd trimester boost of energy?  {Yes, please!}
Could it be that the dirt is just getting to be too much?
Could it be that I need to recover from both brothers here for the weekend?
Could it be that my cleaning standards are drifting closer to a college door room?

I'm not sure what it is, but one thing is for sure:  I'm in a cleaning mood.  From doing the dishes to painting closets, I've got to get some stuff done around here or I'm going to go crazy.  I know the quote says,

but enough is enough.  Sista needs to trade in some life for some better standards.  This is where I need a little help.

Yesterday I tackled my tub.  My 1800's tub.  I hate cleaning my tub.  No matter how hard I work, I can't get it clean.  Sometimes I scrub so hard that the color of the sponge rubs off on the tub.  So, please, send me some tips.  It looks like my tub is tea-stained.  I might have rubbed the finish off in some parts.

Advice is needed.  Help!
Old tub. Won't come clean.
What do I do???


  1. I may have already suggested this but try using Bar Keepers Friend. Look for it near the Comet powder cleaner in the store. Sometimes those older tubs loose their finish and I'm not sure what you do about that. You are getting me in to mood to go clean something!

  2. I suggest wine. It makes your house sparkling clean.

  3. The magic Eraser does great...and what it wont get regular old fashioned powdered comet will. It is a new formula and isnt supposed to scratch surfaces... I feel the need to clean myself...but my 2 year old and 1 year old feel the need to