Friday, May 27, 2011

Red River Gorge

What else to do for a 30th birthday than go climbing at one of the top 5 climbing spots IN THE WHOLE WORLD?  Nothin' else.  That's what I'm saying.

 For John's Valentine's gift a few years ago, I took him to the local climbing gym.  Joseph met us there and "showed" us how to climb.  John was hooked.  Then Joseph went to Korea for a year and left John hanging.  (Pun intended.)  When he got home, they climbed.  And climbed.  And climbed.

John joined the local rock climbing gym.  He climbs outside whenever he can.  He loves it.  So a weekend at The Red River Gorge, Kentucky was a perfect trip for his birthday.  It was fun.  I'm talking Top Notch Fun.

 We spent a lot of time in Muir Valley.  We looked for good, dry routes.  We watched Joseph flirt with some girls.  We hiked.

"Let's go to the shaded side of the valley.  It won't be as hot."
{Hike up said side.}
"Oh...this is way to grimy {code for wet}.  Let's go to the sunny side."
"You mean, down this and up the other side of the valley?"
"Oh.  Ok.  I'm cool with that."

Since I wasn't climbing, I just followed along.  Trying not to slow them down.  They kept asking/reminding me/making it known to everyone that I had a baby.  

"You ok?"
"Yeah, I'm fine guys.  You don't have to baby me."
"Yeah, but you DO have a baby in you."

My favorite hike was the hike out of Mire Valley.  A couple minutes into the hike and the thunderstorm came.  Thunder, thunder, and lots of lots of rain.  Our hike was about 30 minutes.  Everything was drenched. 

I  I will always remember that hike.  When will I ever get caught in a thunderstorm during a beautiful hike again?  It was adventure to the max! 

After the storm, we went to Miguel's, a local pizza place and rock climber headquarters.  Dry clothes.  Awesome pizza.  Prime people watching.  It was great. 

Then, back to our campsite.  Let me say one thing:  I LOVE CAMPING.  We did the car camping version.  The one where I bring an air mattress, sheets, and a down comforter.  Say what you will about whether that's "real camping" or not.  I don't care.  John and I are fully prepared to live in tents and become park rangers.  It was incredible.  

Despite the fact that the weather made for poor climbing conditions, we had a great time!  Wonderful!  Now we're wondering where can we camp next time?

Happy birthday, John!  Youmyfavorite!!!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time - a real adventure! Happy Birthday to John! x

  2. Okay...two things...#1 LOVE that you are so glass half full! #2 How did you get John to smile in not one, but two photos? Love the recap. Y'all are just precious!

  3. Very cool pics of that rock wall. They make me want "to go to there" I went to rock climbing camp at Camp Ocoee when I was in high school. I was so cool then. Happy birfday john.