Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stuffy's Out, Inspiring In!

Here is my last post about Aunt Margaret's house.  The next picture is a little glimpse into her bathroom, and a little glimpse of several reasons that I think her house is great.

1.  She had no idea that I was taking pictures for the blog.  She still had a flower in her bathroom.  Just for her.  To enjoy.
2.  She has a lot of cute sterling-silver-looking-stuff in there.  That makes her bathroom feel so nice and fancy and finished.  It's not the guest bathroom.  It's her bathroom.  And she has cute stuff for herself.  Oh, how I need this lesson.
3.  She has that cool sponge thing.  I don't know what they are or how one uses it, but gosh, I always see those in places and I think "how cool. how fancy. gotta get me one."
4.  See that tile and grout?  It's pretty.  I love how it's all one color.  Know how they did it?  They painted it.  That's right painted tile.  Which inspired our bathroom makeover.
5.  I just love that big mirror.  In person, it's huge, and I think the key to a well working bathroom is a big mirror to put my face on every morning.

The master bed.  Here's what I love about this:
1. It's all white.  Look familiar?
2.  The bed side tables are dressers.  I'm quickly becoming a fan of dressers used not as dressers.  
3.  Lamps.  Cool grown up lamps.  Man, do I love and need more lamps!

These are just a couple more images of two great places.  Her backyard shed and her kitchen.  Both are lovely and cute and so adorable.  I love her style!

I hope that her house was fun and cool and it gave you some inspiration and ideas.

I really love going to her house.  It's not stuffy.  It's not threatening.

It's fun.
It's casual.
It's intentional.
It makes me want to go home and have fun being creative in my own space.  
And that's how our homes should be.  


  1. You have spoiled us this week with these pictures. I hope your aunt has enjoyed all your lovely comments.

    I like an all-white bed too. For some reason it just looks cleaner. x

  2. she puts her favorite child in a heart shaped frame where she sees it EVERRRRYY day! :)

  3. her house is very fun and cool. i love the white bedroom.

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