Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Handmade Baby Gift

I'm in the stage of life where I go to showers.  Baby showers. Wedding showers.  Lingerie Showers.  And I love me a good shower.  One of my favorite things about the showers are the gifts.  I like to take something fun and cute, but I also know how important it is for the recipient to get those not-so-cute-but-oh-so-needed necessities.  

For baby showers, I found the perfect combo.  I buy an industrial box of diapers and/or wipes and I make a little somethin' somethin' to go with it.

A changing pad.
A cute burp cloth.
And an embellished onesie.

Julie made me a changing pad (along with some homemade burp clothes) for my shower for Burl.  I loved it.  I used it all the time.  I'm a stay at home mom that doesn't stay at home much, so I'm always changing a diaper on the go.

Then, there is the embellished burp cloth.  It's a cloth diaper with cute fabric on the bottom.  These are everywhere!  One local shop sells them in pairs for over $20.  Ridonculous.  

Then, there's that onesie.  Oh so precious.  

If everything goes right, then I will be posting little tutorials for each.  Or you can just call me and I'll make them for you.  


  1. I love this idea, I think it could easily be adapted with Little Ts for birthdays too.

  2. I'm sitting here using one of the burp cloths you made me right now. they're awesome. I'm glad you gave me a slew of them-they are allll being utilized!

  3. Tutorials please!

    I love them, they're such kind and thoughtful gifts. I really love to receive something personal. x

  4. Have you seen the Mini Boden catalog? Popular stuff in these parts.. and they sell t-shirts with sewn animals for BIG BUCKS.


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