Wednesday, October 10, 2012

About Blogging Everyday...

Ok, so I'm only ten days into this blogging daily thing that I'm doing for October, and let's say it's a doozie.  It is turning my mind into mush.  It is a mush of flowing, creative thoughts combined with a complete vast wasteland of direction.  Sure, I have ideas, I have a ton.  There are so many of them that I can't focus on one long enough to turn it into anything special.  I've thought about making a list so I can take each idea at a time and think about it, process it, and put it together.  That hasn't happened yet.  

Not only are the ideas a big pile of spaghetti, but the pictures are lacking interest as well.  One thing I've enjoyed about blogging is taking the appropriate pictures, but I'm losing steam there as well.  Proof: see the pictures below of me in the guest bathroom and at the computer desk.  Wow, the footage is unparalleled.  

So what now?  Do I blog about the boring stuff?  Do I continue to ramble on like nothing is strange about blogging every day for a month?  No, I'm leaning in the struggle.  I'm embracing the awkwardness.  I'm figuring it out.  Heck, I'll probably make a list and work from there.  Making lists is the all time best way to work through anything that feels daunting or overwhelming or (in this case) confusing.  Have too much to do?  Make a list.  Need to buy groceries? Make a list.  Don't know where to start?  Make a list.  

Instead of forging all these ideas into one crazy, messy, blog post, I'm going to slow it down, lean into my thoughts, and take this thing one bite at a time.  Most of my thoughts revolve around enjoying my time with my kids and several thoughts about myself.  I want to share more about being authentic, my Whole30 experience, on giving the wrong perception, and constantly thinking about evolving.  Any thoughts or words or encouragement is welcomed.

Again, thank you for reading and following along.


  1. I have had some of the same thoughts as you about this 31 Day series. But, I am continuing to plug along. And I hope you will do the same! There's light at the end of the tunnel! :)

  2. How about letting people offer questions/topics that they'd be interested in hearing you write about? Would that work?

    I've always liked the 'Day in the Life' posts that I've seen bloggers do...that would use up one day!

  3. Amen!!! I am doing the 31 days and have been feeling the same way! I am attempting to do mini home tours to help family and friends see our new space but I am not a home blogger! I am a enjoying my kids, cooking, home, life, yada, yada, blogger! :) I too have been feeling forced. This morning I had a post all ready and just decided to sit down and write. and I hope that ends up being much more impactful that what I scheduled originally. But you know what? at the end of the day it is about my enjoyment of this hobby, not always about the impact or what others think. I also had the same thought about the pictures. Most times I take pictures I love and that overflows into a blog post, for this I have been scrambling for pics to accompany and it has taken the joy right out! Sunday I popped out with my boys on their bikes with my camera and just took for no blogging reason! So refreshing! Keep up the writing!! I check your blog daily!

  4. keep it up, Meg! I just posted about how I'm giving up. haha! you can do this (even if i can't)!

  5. I am attempting the 31 Days thing too! I am feeling a bit forced and like I am writing for a magazine not a blog. I am really trying to stick with it, though and find ways to be more authentic! I am going through a lot of personal stuff now so maybe it's better that I am focused on something else here and can take time to process things before I share.

    I LOVE your blog! Seriously! I get so excited when I see it in my reader! I love how you appreciate and love and find joy in every second with your kids!