Thursday, October 18, 2012


Can you see us?  We're hiding from monsters.  2,700 square feet of house, and Burl's favorite game right now is to cram into 10 of it and play hiding.  

This morning I had a great time playing with the kids.  Not only was my schedule free, but I was free too.  It's not easy to tell myself to stop.  It's not easy to sit there and enjoy the peace.  It's much easier to take a minute while the kids are happy and do that one little chore.  It's easier, but it's not better.  

I started a very personal post on one of the biggest changes in my life and it's taken longer than what I thought.  Hopefully I'll get my heart and head sorted out to talk about it tomorrow.


  1. 1) I like the new chair. that's a pretty bold color for you, I know.
    2) burl looks sooo much like john in the pic third from the bottom!

  2. I am seeing a trend in your pics of Burl. He wears his overalls a lot. He must have gotten the farmer gene.

  3. How DO you take the time to play? I struggle with getting everything done, and then get all down in the dumps 'cause something got left out! Fortunately, the applesauce was canned yesterday and I have a much freer day today.


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