Monday, October 1, 2012

Finding My Writing Style

Sometime last year I was on a walk with Burl.  It was either at the beginning or the end of the fall season, and I saw a vibrant red leaf on the ground.  I saw it and thought about how there weren't many other bright leaves to be seen at the time.  Then, Burl (with his few words) pointed to the leaf as well.  I remember turning that little leaf and that brief moment of notice into something pretty deep.  The turnover time was quick, and I wished I had my camera to turn that 20 second experience into a blog post.  Even the littlest among us stop and notice little things, nature is beautiful to all of us, only on a slow walk can we truly enjoy simple beauty...the themes were racing through my mind.  As fast as I was coming up with them, the more I knew that I was forcing it all.  I was trying to turn something little into something big and grand and important.  That's called forcing it.

It was then that I realized that I force stuff with my blog.  I was turning simple things into lessons for myself and for others.  I was becoming calculated with each blog post.  Writing was becoming intense and it was starting to sound anything but authentic.  

I remembered something that I read on Chatting at the Sky.  She said something about those readers being in your living room.  Whether we had 7,000 or 30, if they showed up, then we would have something prepared.  Most of the people who read my blog are my real life family and friends, so I imagine them.  I imagine my friends and family showing up in my living room and me standing up to speak to them.  I would not hand out cheesy, red-leaf lessons to them.  As if.  Instead, I would tell them funny stories from my day, sweet things about the kids, and I would often share my heart with them if there was something pressing on it.  

When I stick to that image, then things flow well.  This writing, blogging, publishing feels good, and I'm not scared of who's reading it (or who isn't).  It's simply fun.  

On a month where I am trying to blog everyday, this is the most important thing for me to remember.  Don't force it.  Also, I just re-read Ten Important Things I've Learned About Blogging by The Pioneer Woman, which is about the only thing I've read of hers and it's fabulous and cute and fun.  This month, I'm picturing my friends coming over and what I would share with them.  If the posts sounds forced and cheesy, then feel free to call me on it.  I'm all about being called out.  If not, then we'll label it as a success.  

Thank you, again, for reading, commenting, sending me texts, and tuning in.  


  1. Hi Meg,
    I really enjoyed your thougts on blogging. I'm a freshman blogger and still ask myself why I'm blogging. I dont rightly know; maybe just because I like it. I do want to be true to myself when I write and I loved what you said about not pushing things....good advice! Thanks!

  2. Hi Meg, I have read your blog for a few months now and attempt to comment often but for some reason the signing in always makes me lose my posts. I have struggled with this very same beast. I talk myself in and out of blogging. I get on a roll and then I worry that I am taking myself too seriously...the story goes on. I too am striving for authenticity and community! Keep posting. I love your stuff. If I could bring together a group of kindred spirit bloggers you would be on my invite list! Thanks for your honesty and encouraging words.