Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just A Little Hit...

After a few months off of doing basically nothing to the house, we're gaining ground and picking up speed.  I've purposefully slowed way down on the homemaking and crafting and decorating. It's part of my saying no to stuff plan.  Even though I'm not jumping back in with two feet or anything, I am trying to finish some things that have been on my finish list and my create list for months now.  

It kind of happened on accident.  My mom called and asked if Burl could come over for dinner, so off he went, leaving us with little Fern.  I asked John if he would be willing to help me hang some stuff, and he was so eager to help.  Even though I hate asking him to help with my projects around the house after he's been at work, sometimes it's worth it to have the household and professional engineer do the hard stuff.  However, I learned the easy way to calk today, so maybe I can help with that!

I'm not going on this huge decorating binge.  There are just a few changes that I would like to make and I'm going to take a couple of weeks before the holidays start to focus on them.  The list of things in the works includes: a set of three deer antlers (maybe a family or a posse of friends), patching and painting the hall, dyeing some drop cloths and turning them into curtains, and switching some furniture.  I can't wait for some finished products to share!

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