Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yogurt & Play With Fern

Today, during their long naps, Burl was asleep for almost four hours and Fern barely slept one.  It gave me some time with her that I was hoping for.  For a few weeks now, I've felt disconnected with her.  Nothing drastic, but I was missing her somehow.  Mamas of multiple babies know this dilemma better than I do, but I'm starting to feel it now.  I was missing that one-on-one time with Fern.

With Burl it was easy.  He was the only one.  Even now, he gets some one-on-one time during one of her naps.  Fern, on the other hand, doesn't see much awake time where it's just her and me.  We're running off somewhere, eating dinner, playing with Burl, or she's hanging by herself while I take Burl to the potty.  I have to be more intentional and creative to get some quality time with her.  

Somewhere along the way, I forgot that.  During those early days, I definitely had room for that special time with her.  Today, when the naps didn't line up like they usually do, I was given an opportunity to have her all to myself.  I was a little sad to give up my time to read and nap, but that really faded away as we sunk deeper into our mother-daughter place.

Even looking at these pictures while I post them makes me want to go in there and scoop her up and snuggle her while she sleeps.  I did that so many nights with Burl, and I have tried to do it with Fern.  She doesn't like to be interrupted in her sleep.  She won't sleep on me like he did, and John says I'm out of tries with her.  "Just let her sleep."  She's getting snugglier though, so I'm hopeful she'll be up for it soon.  

During our little time, I got to feed her lunch.  I got the bright idea to take this opportunity to let her feed herself some yogurt.  

When re-reading some of my blog posts, I saw that Fern is the same age that Burl was when he used a spoon for the first time.  For a few days now, I've been meaning to give her the same go at the yogurt.  She's great at picking up food with her fingers, but silverware was a whole new ballgame to her.

She held the spoon tightly in one hand and dipped her free hand in the yogurt to eat.  Sometimes she would touch her spoon to the bowl and I would go crazy applauding her, but the full concept never sunk in.  

She might not know how to use a spoon, but she can use {toy} a hammer and a hand saw!  True story.  

Oh, this sweet little girl of mine.  I just love her and am so glad her nap got cut short so I was forced to have some quality time alone with her.  I'm not sure I realized how much I needed it.  Her first year is almost up and everyday I'm still amazed at her.  

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