Thursday, October 4, 2012

Local Station

My mom sometimes tells me stories of taking "little Meg and little Joseph" downtown to the library, then to lunch at McDonalds (where we split a happy meal).  Like me and my brother, Burl and Fern are 20 months apart, so it's easier to picture it.  We don't do the same things every week, but we do the same types of things: little adventures and outings.  Yesterday was one of those little outings days that I will one day talk about with fondness.  Fondness might be a little weak, try pure joy.  That fits the bill.  It's pure joy that I get my two babies fed, clothed, and out the door for some fun.  I've said it before, and I might say 1,000 more times, this is such a sweet time in my life (and I'm trying to receive the blessing that it is). 

It all started on Monday, when constant rain kept us inside and I let Burl watch a huge amount of TV.  He's really into Fireman Sam right now.  He acts out what's happening in each scene, including a really awesome version of the opening song.  He even gives a thumbs up towards the TV when the song is over...a little detail that I hope stays in my heart for a long time.

With a huge helping of all things firemen, I jumped at the text I received about my friend's moms' group that was going to a local station.

It took Burl all of thirty seconds to warm up, then he was all about the stuff they had.

*I can't think of a funny caption for Burl on the camo 4-wheeler with the man-dumbie in the back. Any suggestions?

One of the men (one of the boys is more accurate...they were so young looking!) dressed in full gear and the kids got their chance to check it out.  Burl was first in line and I think this was his favorite part.  He showed the guy his hammer, then he took the hammer and hit it on the ground, and Burl was beside himself in excitement.  That would be like Barefoot Contessa walking into my kitchen and using one of my wooden spoons.

If that wasn't enough, the fireman took off his gloves and put them on Burl.  His face lit up.  I had to coax him away to give the other kids a look.  

The only way I got him to walk away was by telling him we were meeting his cousins for lunch.

It was a trick though because we had to kill some time before they could meet.  How did we do it?  By stopping by a ribbon factory open to the public.  Of course.  The owner gave Burl some free tacky ribbon and he thought it was cool.  

What did Fern do?  Hang out in the Ergo, what else?  She was a champ through this all being held or carried from one thing to another.  I think she likes it though.  She seems to really feel part of the action in the safety of my arms.  It's sweet.

We hit up Chik-fil-A and Burl got to do something he's never done before: he sat at a kids table.  Without me.  While this seems normal to some, it's a huge right of passage for me.  I remember the kids-table time with my cousins, as well as outings to fast food restaurants with them.  We still talk about the glory days of taking over those playgrounds.  Pure dominance.  

When I mentioned playing on the playground with his cousins, Burl about freaked out!  He couldn't get there fast enough.  He was so excited.  I think Isaac was the only one who climbed around with him, but that was enough to have the time of his life.  

Fern loved her cousins too!  Emily held her (while I climbed in the play thing to get Burl to come down-hello workout!) and when I got Fern back, she was lunging for Emily to hold her again.  It was so precious, and I wish I got a picture.  I got a picture of Isaac holding her, which she loved as well.  Cousin time is something I want to make more of in the future.  I remember those being some of my favorite times when I was a kid.

And there it is.  It was only four hours, but it filled my little mama-heart to the brim.  I loved watching them enjoy those things.  I love giving the gifts of fun adventures to them.  I love being with them and making those little memories.  This is such a special time with them.  

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  1. Burl and 4 wheeler... I told him only one person at a time on the 4 wheller